The Spine Therapy Network is a virtual network of therapists with expertise and advanced skills in the care of the spine. It’s designed to advance the care of spine patients by connecting the public, medical and surgical communities with recognized leaders in spine therapy.


The Spine Therapy Network wanted to host its first symposium event to bring its communities together for the first time and begin bridging the networks and building a focused community. The network needed a logo identity, an update to its existing website and event marketing materials.


Create a logo that would reflect the Spine Therapy Network’s story and elevate its presence in the community to attract more professionals to join the network. Update its existing website to create further brand consistency and create the symposium program and email invitations to drive people to the website to register for the symposium.


The Spine Therapy Network logo reflects the professionalism of its members, represents the people it serves and the services it provides. The WordPress website is user friendly, responsive and has a consistent look and feel. The event marketing materials generated a huge response and the symposium sold out within a month. Also, the number of Spine Therapy Network members doubled in size as a result of the symposium.