The Ralph Thornton Community Centre (RTCC) is a City-owned, community-managed facility that offers space, support, and service to many community organizations and partners. RTCC is where neighbours meet, events are celebrated, programs are enjoyed, and support is exchanged.


The RTCC needed a logo to elevate its presence and its brand. RTCC held a logo contest in order to directly involve and engage the community it serves.


Create a logo concept that reflects the RTCC story via a community-based logo contest. Develop a Brand Guideline that outlines how the Centre is to use the logo, colour palette and typography in any future marketing materials, including new website, brochures and way-finding signage.


A winning logo was created that reflects RTCC’s mission of community, leadership and connection. A comprehensive brand guide book was developed to provide direction for future marketing initiatives. Business cards, brochures and banners were created to implement internally and externally. A new website has been developed based on the brand guide and direction. The Ralph Thornton Community Centre’s May Spring Fundraiser generated record sponsorship due to its new brand direction.