Maggie DiStasi is a transition / leadership coach who works with people who are ready to make their own career transition: to get ahead in their career, change jobs or industry, or start their own business.
She also helps small- and mid-sized business owners develop the skills and presence to lead mindfully for greater impact with their teams and business objectives.
Specifically, she invites people to focus on their process – the mindsets and personal habits that enable them to create positive change – especially when they’re unsure about next steps. When they work together, her clients begin to see themselves differently; with less judgement and more constructive self-awareness. They gain the clarity and confidence needed to transition well in their career.


Maggie was transitioning from corporate to coach to business owner and needed an identity to reflect this. Maggie also needed creative direction to assist her web development team to appropriately implement her new brand identity.


Meet with Maggie to discover brand direction and then design a logo identity that reflects the process that helps individuals / leaders navigate uncertainty of career transition so they know what to do next and start taking action.


The Process Based Living logo was created using a tree to represent Maggie’s practical and creative coaching approach. A brand guideline was created to assist in our collaboration with the web development team to implement consistent design elements. Also, the development of her logo inspired future workshop framework visual tools.