Luminate Communications was founded by Deborah Evans, founder and lead content strategist. Creating content that connects, they work with non-profits to create the content that connects with their audiences. They specialize in setting strategy for content, copywriting and copy editing.


Deborah hired Studio Downey to create a logo identity for her new communications agency, shifting from solo-preneur status to building and directing teams. She wanted to reflect this shift in her new identity and to develop something unique to sustain existing customers and attract new customers with bigger project scope.


Use a discovery process to determine the design direction for Luminate Communications, create up to three concepts and supply a brand guideline for Luminate to then use as a tool to work with other marketing professionals and to manage their brand properly.


A creative, professional, friendly logo identity was created for Luminate Communications. Deborah Evans was involved in many stages of the creative process and is very proud of her new identity and brand direction. Luminate Communications has acquired many new clients as a result of their new direction and increased awareness.