Research supports the idea that a positive relationship between the client and the therapist is one of the best predictors of a positive outcome for clients. It has also been found that positive outcomes are correlated with how often the therapist checks in with clients to see how they are doing with the therapy at various points in treatment. Dr. Duggan believes in this philosophy, and uses it to build a healthy positive relationship with his clients. He prefers to touch base on a regular basis to ensure that you — the client — are getting the most out of therapy.


Dr. Duggan moved office locations and this created an opportunity to refresh his logo identity and brand.


Meet with Scott and work together to create a more engaging logo identity and update existing stationery and marketing tools with new brand direction. Dr. Duggan specifically needed brochures to encourage awareness and have something tangible for potential clients to takeaway. It was important for Dr. Duggan to have these takeaways to ensure privacy.


Dr. Duggan thoroughly enjoyed the logo design process and is proud to distribute his marketing materials without reservations. A more current brand story was created that better reflects Dr. Duggan’s philosophies on helping others live healthy, thriving lives.