Bill works along-side you, every step of the way – informing you on changing perceptions in city living, connecting you to the right teams to advance your wealth options and inspiring you to pursue your vision through entrepreneurial living.


Bill Andreadakis wanted to stand out in a sea of real estate professionals. He also wanted to build a brand foundation in order to bring his approach and innovative ideas to light and create an identity that reflects his unique approach to the real estate industry.


Meet with Bill to clearly define his purpose and direction for his personal brand. Create an identity around his personality and vision for future expansion. Conceptualize and design a new logo to use in all marketing materials going forward and to differentiate the Andreadakis approach to real estate and wealth growth. Create a brand guideline to provide direction for future marketing initiatives and continued brand evolution.


A professional logo was created that represents professionalism, tenacity and trust – characteristics of Bill Andreadakis as a person and his business dealings. A brand strategy to guide Bill in making decisions on marketing his future initiatives and developing more presence in the market.