Even solopreneurs have the potential to disrupt major players who have a building full of full-time designers/employees. Collaborative models are proving to be the preferred business models for creative businesses. It’s flexible and teams are diverse. It attracts many different talents and perspectives.

Entrepreneurial designers and creative folks have none of the long-term costs associated with running a studio and therefore be price competitive and generate larger profits.

At Studio Downey, we’ve established a similar model and work with other independent creative professionals and small business to meet the needs of our client projects. Studio Downey is a virtual collaborative space. Other than video chats or meetings to discuss project direction, the only other interaction is on our productivity boards. This model makes working highly remote and accessible – something that we at Studio Downey prioritize.

We have an ongoing strategic partnership with Impagination Inc. Over the last few years, we’ve worked together creating logo identities, brand direction and marketing materials for Impagination’s clientele. It has been a pleasure partnering with Laural Carr and her team. it works out really well as we share a similar strategic approach and Laural encourages design excellence, which we respect and encourage in our own working relationships.

Logo identity, brand guide, postcard promo, banners for Insight Business Transitions

Logo identity, brand guide, stationery, pop-up panel, sales sheets and direct mailer for FlexNetworks

We thoroughly enjoy partnering with Impagination to optimize their own promotional initiatives as well. We have art directed on a few holiday campaigns and developed branded marketing materials to promote Laural Carr’s speaking engagements and workshops. We look forward to many more years of creative collaboration.

Our strategic partnerships are amazing examples of the effectiveness of co-creating!

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